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Entry #3

So much for monthly shout outs...

2010-04-03 07:57:00 by demon-pup

I just hope my fiends keep their chins up and never give up.It's late right now, I'm tired... Bu I just wanna still show hope. Sorry haven't been here for while... and sadly its gonna stay like that. I currently have no wireless signals to catch, so I am very limited on using the internet. Just keep on moving forward. Finish the race.

So much for monthly shout outs...


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2010-09-19 13:41:36

It looks like you gave up on the internet. >.<


2011-05-08 23:35:29

The race will never end, But I will continue the race and never stop. I wish you well. My only regret is that I could never get to know you better In real life.


2011-06-19 00:58:56

Whoa, did he die or something?