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I just hope my fiends keep their chins up and never give up.It's late right now, I'm tired... Bu I just wanna still show hope. Sorry haven't been here for while... and sadly its gonna stay like that. I currently have no wireless signals to catch, so I am very limited on using the internet. Just keep on moving forward. Finish the race.

So much for monthly shout outs...

Special Shout-Out January 2010!!!!

2010-01-28 02:04:56 by demon-pup

Helllooooooooooooooooo Newgrounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I haven't done much but to make up for it I'm Going to try making Special Shout-out Every month! (note: I said "Try"):

So here we go!!!
For some of my friends I would like to give a special Shout-out to a few people!
And Many of those who allowed me to use their Audio submissions for my personal Flash projects!!!!
(Sorry to those people as well...I haven't been able to use those Songs please be patient ^_^')

I just wanna say something those people really quick....
Tommy....BlazingDragon.... DON'T GIVE UP!!!! YOU TWO MAKE SUCH WONDERFUL WORKS!!! Even though the world has got you down... Don't give in! Don't Back down in this fight!!! ...FIGHT ON!!!! Stand UP! Be Brave! Be ready to Fight! Hold on! Fight on!!!! And you will win the Battle!!!!

I may not be able to be there for you guys... But just promise me... YOU WON'T GIVE UP!!!! No matter how much crap gets thrown at you.... BE THE PHOENIX....Rise from your ashes, stronger every time!!!

Oh and Sasuke?.... Take care of yourself too! And Thank you for being my action scripter as well!!(Don't think that I already forgot about you XP)

You guys are my friends. Take care! You guys fight on till you're at the top!....(but don't push yourselves too hard.... and don't let it get to your heads... >.<')

Here We Are X3

Special Shout-Out January 2010!!!!

It's Great to be Alive!

2009-01-02 13:35:17 by demon-pup

Oh my gosh, It feels so good to be awake...... I was in a DEEP sleep.....Sheesh. And I started, having this weird dream. I still remember the quote it stated to me....."Break your reality" Oh jeez.. Agh. I learned something from that dream too. A fantasy world where you can do ANYTHING like separate your individual body parts, and fly them around like a tornado, Or flying in the sky, Walking on walls, Changing your body and appearance..............Loosing yourself........ It isn't alll that great, it's pretty pointless, but I still fell for it anyway. *sigh* But one person who I thought that was so annoying, who woke me up many mornings, But miss some BIG EVENT-IMPORTANT mornings.... This person saved my life probably... And that person would be..........My Alarm Clock. Yep! My Alarm Clock! It Started beeping right by my ears.....right Before I completely lost myself.. And you know what? I woke up, and felt like I actually "broke my reality" . I shattered it pretty bad. I had a hard time getting up, and focusing, getting my wits back. I could hardly even move. Nor could I have even felt my own body. But reality came back to me, I got my life back, and I want to thank God, for allowing me to live another day of my life.